What In Unrelated News Is About

 Image of the gang by the wonderful  Sarah Slusarick

Image of the gang by the wonderful Sarah Slusarick

Recently I sat down at the keyboard to try to type out what In Unrelated News is really all about. It's something that has changed and evolved over the past year or so. Something that has grown from a rebel yell of feminism into a full blown community where women are celebrated, supported and yes, clothed. 

It has grown into the #GirlGang of my dreams - so I wanted to be sure that how it is presented here really reflected that in its entirety. So, what did I come up with? 

  1. This is a celebration. This is an unashamed, unabashed party in honor of you - the girl gang. At the heart of everything we believe is one key thought - our girl gangs are our fiercest supporters and our loudest cheerleaders. Our girl gangs keep us sane and empower us to be ourselves no matter what. Our girl gangs are the key. They are the heart. They are the soul. Our girl gangs are everything. 
  2. We are not sorry for being loud. We are not sorry for taking up space. We are not sorry for having opinions. We are not sorry for being our f*cking selves and you know what? Every day we are going to be real. 
  3. This is our one life (unless you believe in reincarnation, which is cool too) and we want to spend every single second of it exactly how we want - and guess what? How we want it is with you.

So, girl gang, let's get to it.